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Since our founding, the Matsumoto Machine Group has been consistently engaged in the integrated research, development, manufacture, and sale of centrifuges.

Ever since we were established, Matsumoto Machine has been a pioneer in the field of centrifuges and, as an enterprise consistently involved in R&D, we have realized a variety of technological innovations and delivered a large number of centrifuges to the world of industry.

Up to today, regardless of how complex the filtering substances and operating processes have become, the main principle that has flowed through our foundation is to provide engineering services that include discussion and overcoming all problems in cooperation with our customers.

While we are “planners” for our customers, we pride ourselves in
also being their “partner”.

From here on, Matsumoto
Machine will be answering the
diverse needs of various ind-
ustries through our centrifuges.


  • Sep 11th 2013,We are pleased to inform you that we are going to participate in an exhibition” INCHEM TOKYO 2013: 29TH PLANT SHOW”
    The exhibition is held in TOKYO BIG SITE over the next three days starting on Oct 30th.
    We make a plan to exhibit our centrifuge for research and development at 6H-11, so please visit the venue.
    We are looking forward to seeing you at site.
    ■Official exhibition website is here
    ■Admission fee: 1000JPY You can get a free admission if you enter the visitor advance registration.
  • Jul 2nd,2013: new item released Unit for scraping residual crystal “SCREW” is now on sale.
    You can confirm the movie of SCREW here.