We satisfy customer needs.

As a pioneer of centrifuges, we make proposals and customize to deliver the most suitable products according to the plant layout, uses, and slurry of our customers, with our technology and experience accumulated over the years.
We have constantly developed new mechanisms and options to provide better products and give shape to customer needs.
Matsumoto Machine is always a partner with our customers in supporting their businesses through creating easily-handled machines.
Please feel free to consult us on improvements and maintenance after delivery, to achieve long and comfortable use of the products.

Shape of fluid supply pipe

The pipe shape can be changed from single type to manifold type depending on whether or not customer slurry flows and is filtered easily.

Interchangeable basket

For a centrifuge for R&D, the basket can be replaced by the customer to alter the basket size according to the volume of samples.

Wiper installed to the top cover window

A wiper can be installed to the top cover window so that the inside state can be checked from the window.

Lifting up the basket

The basket can be lifted up to make cleaning of the machine easier.

Change of drainage pipe position

The drainage pipe position can be changed according to the plant layout.

Change of basket rotation direction

The basket rotation direction can be changed according to customer request.

Bed change

The bed can be changed to suit installation of machines manufactured by other companies.