Centrifuge Q&A



We would like to produce many kinds of products with one machine.

Answer When many kinds of products are produced with one machine (low-volume, high-variety production), easy cleaning and easy cleaning checks when changing products are important.
For easy cleaning, we can provide many options and much know-how, such as "casing open/close mechanism", "flat basket", "lifting up the basket" and "cleaning inside the machine".
Please feel free to contact us for details, via the contact page.

We would like to use a centrifuge at different locations within our plant.

Answer We have delivered mobile centrifuges on a carriage. Please note that moving a very large machine will be difficult.

We would like to increase the amount of recovery by reducing the residual crystals on the filter cloth as much as possible.

Answer We have a residual crystal scraper device named Screw. If you want to remove the residual crystals completely, we recommend FLOW, which is an inverting filter centrifuge machine.