We create a new world of centrifuges together with our customers, and achieve a quantum leap in safety and rationality. We also introduce state-of-the-art technologies from throughout the world.

Giving shape to customer needs

In the Matsumoto Machine Group, we strive for close communication with our customers in the design, manufacture, and sales of centrifuges and their peripheral equipment. From out of that sincere contact, we are able to acquire the feedback that provides us with the information we need to make improvements and modifications, and we then harness that in further research and development as well. It is the stringent requirements of our customers that is our driving force.

Customization of each individual unit

We have in-depth meetings with customers to solve customer problems and satisfy customer needs.
We make the most suitable proposal based on our track record and experience of over 70 years.
Design is performed in detail considering the product characteristics, the customer’s factory layout, and customer requirements.

Proposal and development utilizing worldwide technologies

Development1We conduct R&D and sell our products in partnership with overseas companies.
We develop and provide products in which state-of-the-art European technologies are introduced.