Company history

History and Engineering Development of Matsumoto Machine MFG, Co., Ltd. (The history of Matsumoto Machine is the history of engineering development.)

1938 Fukutaro Matsumoto started manufacturing machine tools and industrial machines.
1939 Registered as a limited company.
1945 Production was suspended because most of the plant was burned down due to an air raid on Sakai in July which made operations impossible.
1947 Takashi Matsumoto re-commissioned the plant just after completing his studies and restarted the company.
1949 Commissioned to repair centrifuges from pharmaceutical companies and companies in the chemical industry.
1950 Specialized in manufacturing and selling of centrifuges
1950 Released a centrifugal sedimentation skimming centrifuge.
1951 Released a centrifuge for applying Japanese lacquer to wooden bobbins for spinning.
1953 Released a dehydration centrifuge for pharmaceutical ampoules.
1953 Released a centrifuge for dewatering of nitrocellulose with alcohol
1953 Opened Tokyo Sales Office.
1955 Released a dewatering centrifuge for freeze-dried tofu.
1956 Released a dewatering centrifuge for manufacturing Japanese gelatin.
1961 Released a centrifuge for filtration at cooling stage.
1963 Released a fully-automatic centrifuge with an electric cake scraper device.
(Takashi Matsumoto was appointed senior managing director.)
1965 Released a centrifuge for manufacturing starch.
(Takashi Matsumoto made study tours to the USA.)
1966 Released an explosion-proof fully sealed centrifuge.
(Takashi Matsumoto made study tours to Europe.)
1967 Completed an over-feed detector (Lever pull-out type).
1968 Released a fully-automatic centrifuge for policing coolant.
1971 Released a fully-automatic cutting oil centrifuge for milling chips.
1972 Released a fully-automatic inclined discharge centrifuge. (Won Automatization Prize for Small and Medium Sized Firms and Companies under the patronage of The Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Agency.)
1973 Entered into a technical tie-up with DE LAVEL (USA) for top-drive, bottom-discharge centrifuge MARKⅢ.
1974 Entered into a technical tie-up with DE LAVEL (USA) for a sludge dewatering centrifuge.
(Takashi Matsumoto was appointed president.)
1982 Established Matsumoto Machine Sales Co., Ltd.
1982 Released casing open/close type MARKⅢ.
1986 Released fully-automatic inverter control centrifuge (PLAS-MAIND).
1998 Yoshihiro Matsumoto was appointed president.
1998 Opened Toyama Sales Office.
2000 Released a fully-automatic horizontal centrifuges JMP.
2001 Obtained Quality Management System certification ISO9001. (April 16)
Certificate Number JSAQ1129
2005 Developed and released laboratory centrifuge LAC.
2006 Released Inclined discharge centrifuge eMV.
2013 Released a residual crystal scraper device Screw.
2013 Chika Matsumoto was appointed senior managing director.
Matsumoto Machine Sales created its Facebook page.
Matsumoto Machine Sales created its Google+ page.
Uploaded videos on YouTube.
Released GMP-compliant centrifuge PG Series.
2014 Released Centrifuge for filtrating low dewaterbility product HERVA.
Chika Matsumoto was appointed president.
2015 Released Inverting filter centrifuge machine FLOWM.
2018 Osaka Factory completed
Headquarters completed (SANBO-CHO, SAKAI-KU).