Is a separation test available?

Answer We have a test machines. Please consult us.

What kind of material is used for the main body?

Answer Metals such as stainless steel, titanium and hastelloy are used. For other special metals, please consult us.
In addition to the metals, lining with Teflon, rubber, etc. is available.

What kind of filter medium is used?

Answer We use fiber, such as PP, Tetoron and cotton, sintered metal, electron beam screen, wedge wire, wire net, etc.

Which grades of surface finish are available?

Answer Standard buffing #250
#400 electrolytic polishing is also available.

Does the machine support CSV (Computerized System Validation)?

Answer Yes

When a machine is old, can it still be repaired?

Answer If the parts were manufactured by us, we still manufacture them.
For general-purpose parts, please consult us on availability of alternative parts.

How do I place an order?

Answer Please inform us of the machine number and the part name.

Is inspection of the machine necessary?

Answer Periodic inspection, once per year, is stipulated by Article 141 of the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health.
Please consult us on inspection and overhaul.

Is the design drawing of the machine available?

Answer We regret to inform you that the drawings are for internal use only.
We appreciate your understanding that the drawings are not provided or sold to our customers.