We pursue improvements in technical capabilities at all times to maintain excellent performance and reliability of our products for a long time.

Aiming at creating machines whose life is 100 years

For long and safe use of purchased products ---The Matsumoto Machine Group provides thorough after-sales service to our customers.
We satisfy technical requirements on the machines under operation on all occasions. For example, we make the most of our experience in maintenance.
The procurement procedure for parts and the know-how of engineers have been optimized to be ready for repair and specification change.
Many customers continue to use our products more than 30 years after delivery. We aim at creating products whose life is 100 years.

Suitable proposals are provided, based on our varied achievements since 1939

We make suitable proposals which consider product characteristics and solve customer issues, based on our experience in long-standing manufacturing and delivery of centrifuges since our foundation in 1939.
The Matsumoto Machine Group satisfies customer needs at all stages, including assessment, installation, start-up and after-sales service of the machines, with our reliable support system.

Please feel free to consult us on problems related to manufacturing chemicals, food, electronic material, and pharmaceutical products.

Support1The Matsumoto Machine Group has collected data and product samples through our network, which has been developed over time. We therefore present far superior data and product samples, and as a trading company, we procure necessary parts and materials from throughout the world. We have a well-established network in Japan. Thus we have a system ready to support speedy procurement of various accessories and parts.
We also have networks related to chemicals and pharmaceutical products. Please feel free to consult us on matters related to these products, as well as about centrifuges.