Since our foundation in 1939, we have improved our technology, continuing to aim at creating unprecedented value.

The pursuit of unmitigated quality

tech1“GMP”: The standard for preventing contamination and quality deviation and for guaranteeing superior quality in pharmaceuticals. In the manufacture of medical supplies and intermediate products, equipment that is in compliance with the GMP standard and that aids in a cleaner manufacturing environment is called for. The Matsumoto Machine Group develops centrifuges that meet both the strict GMP standard of Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as well as the FDA standard of the U.S. We strive to create a pharmaceutical manufacturing process that is indispensable in protecting people’s health and lives and places even greater consideration on safety.



Creation of a comprehensive manufacturing process through both accumulated and leading-edge technology

Development organization

Tech3The Matsumoto Machine Group resolutely implements research and development on centrifuges and continues to create products that deliver reliability and high safety. “Adapting to user needs” is a concept that is always present within our production process, not merely during manufacture and delivery of the ordered product, but through detailed meetings with the user right from the initial design stage. From investigation to proposal carried out by our expert and knowledgeable staff, we examine the performance and specifications most suitable for each application and develop the ultimate system for that use.

Production technology

All members of the Matsumoto Machine Group, whether in manufacture or sales, possess the sense of an engineer and strive to produce products that are appropriate to each user’s specific needs. We consolidate the abundant technology that we have accumulated over these many years, as well as other state-of-the-art technology from around the world, into our products. We are continually refining technology to satisfy various needs and developing our way of thought to be rich in applicability. We offer comprehensive production of the systems that are required in the manufacturing process, like technology that interlinks centrifuges with electronic displays and computers.