Product introduction


Bottom-discharge top-drive centrifuge

Variable and constant capacity type hydraulic pumps. A best seller with more than 2,000 units sold. Ideal for large-volume processing. Used in all industries from pharmaceuticals and food to industrial waste.


Bottom-discharge bottom-drive centrifuge

This model is the representative bottom-discharge centrifuge where a filter cloth, electron beam, or wire net is attached to the inside of the perforated basket. Solid is centrifuged from fluid and the cake is discharged from the bottom of the basket by the scraper device.
Inverter control allows any revolution speed. Manual operation type and fully-automatic operation type are available.


Centrifuge for Low-filterable Substances

Bottom-discharge centrifuge used in various fields thanks to its high basic performance.
A new original filter cloth attachment mechanism has been developed.
The mechanism enables filtration from both the top and bottom of the basket, which achieves a quantum leap in filtering efficiency of low-filterable substances such as Chinese herbal medicine, starch, etc..